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Produce anywhere, anytime with the Roland MC-101 Groovebox. With the extremely compact mini groovebox you have a tool in your hand to create portable sketches or even complete tracks anywhere and anytime.

More than 3000 sounds and 80 drum kits from Roland's legendary sound collection will help you. If that's not enough for you...No problem. You can also simply import your own samples from SD card.

The 4 track sequencer helps you to organize everything. Here you can create your own patterns with the 16 RGB illuminated pads and then edit them with numerous effects. Each of the 4 tracks has its own control. Simple mixing of the tracks shouldn't be a problem here.

In addition to the simple workflow and the fast realization of projects, the Roland MC-101 Groovebox supports all comfort features, such as time-stretch in the sampler or internal resampling in case you run out of tracks. Or you can connect the device to your PC or Mac via USB and continue working with the MC-101 tracks in the DAW of your choice.